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  1. Okay, thanks for the clarification. It would be great if Digilent could support these parts as there are many applications which require more than two FTDI ports. Thanks, Josh
  2. Hi @JColvin, Okay, thanks for the update. Can you provide any further technical details as to why the FT4232 chips cannot be supported? We'd like to understand this for future development board designs. Thanks, Josh
  3. Hi, We have a custom board which requires use of an FTDI FT4232H Quad HS USB-UART/FIFO IC chip (VID: 0403, PID: 6011). The JTAG interface is on channel A, SPI/I2C interface is configured for channel B, VCP on channel C, and GPIO on channel D. Is there any way we can enable Adept support for this FTDI part?