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  1. I am really new to using the Analog Discovery Studio for my courses but am very experienced with LabVIEW (certified developer).

    Is there a way to use the LabVIEW functions to implement control of a motor with a quadrature encoder providing feedback and with the motor needing PWM output to control speed?

    I saw the scripting examples for encoder measurements but that is way beyond my pay grade so any help with LabVIEW tools would be much more useful for me.

    Thank you!



  2. I have determined that the issues I was seeing were a result of poor PID control parameters and that the CAN Control message as documented is just fine. To anyone else attempting to directly control a DMC60C using CAN, know that having bad PID control parameters can lead to LEDs that flash valid (green or red depending on direction) briefly and then turn to solid yellow for a bit, repeat. This can cause occasionally violent stop-starts or just strange jerky motion. Another possible symptom is having the motor spin (using CL velocity control) but at an apparently constant rate (very fast)
  3. Hello, I am using a couple of DMC60C with an NI-XNET USB 8502. I have had some good luck but am running into a very specific question. The control message: 0x02060000 Uses a signed 24-bit integer for both closed loop velocity and closed loop position control setpoints. However, the makeup of that value is only loosely described in the documentation. My questions are: 1) is the byte order as shown in the manual correct? It appears strange to go trgtH in byte 3, targtL in bye 4, and trgtM in byte 5. I could understand H, M, L or L, M, H but it seems oddly shuffled a
  4. Hello, THIS IS NOT RELATED TO TYPICAL FRC USE OF THE DMC60C. I am using a CANable with Windows 10 to talk to a DMC60c with great success generally. I have been able to send and receive most commands and responses. However, the vcmdGetDescriptors command generates really, really fast sequential response packets (0x206FC80 messages). I have a more expensive CAN adapter from National Instruments that receives all of the responses (there are 8 packets for a total of 64 bytes by default) from the DMC60C and reports that they arrive at around 7180 Hz (compared to the normal status, encoder