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  1. I have hooked up the arduino to the Pmod Nav via SPI following these two guides: Based on the pre-made examples in labview I put together a VI with the VI's you gave me. I have run it and I am getting negative values for all 9 axis, however they do not change.
  2. Thanks for the files I noticed in the there are a few missing sub Vi's you wouldn't have those at all? The sub Vi's are and The read file is what I mainly need as I am just trying to read values from the accelerometer and gyroscope of the Pmod Nav. This is what is written about the two's complement function. I am very new to Linx and Pmods so what exactly is the MSB that is needed to be checked? "apparently, the two's complement function I'm using in the helper functions doesn't actually produce negative numbers... not sure what's up with that. It just looks to see if it is negative, if so add MSB to it. I thought that the mpide library accounted for the negative portion of two's complement but it does not do so either... this doesn't explain why I'm getting all 0's though (or all 1's when I run LabVIEW) though. Plenty of warning is given in the datasheet about not writing to reserved registers, but I am avoiding all of those correctly insofar as I can see. Or at least I presume that writing 6 bytes to three 16bit registers is fine; it works on other IC registers. And shows it operating that way in the timing diagrams in the datasheet if I recall correctly. What should be done in LV for the 2's complement is check the MSB. If 0, read the data as normal. If a 1, separate the MSB, read remaining bits as normal, and then subtract whatever the MSB would normally represent from that value"
  3. Hello, Thanks that tutorial you have linked would I be able to run the Gyroscope example in Labview but it would be reading my new device being the Pmod Nav? Could this be a SPI problem. The Pmod Nav is wired to the Ardunio Uno as in the link I have got the Arduino code working for it however translating this to Labview is the struggle. Kind Regards, ARD1996
  4. Hello, I need help creating a VI on labview to read the gyroscope on the Pmod Nav. I have Linx and the Pmod example files but none are for my specific Pmod. I have the Pmod connected to a arduino uno and using Linx for the interface between the two. I can't find any examples on how to make one for this Pmod or make a custom VI for it. Help will be appreciated. Kind Regards, ARD1996