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  1. I definitely appreciate your help, @JColvin. Right now, I'm just wondering if it's possible to change the bootload hex available on Digilent's website for the ProMX7.
  2. As far as I can tell, the UECIDE TCP examples are verbatim what they are in Arduino IDE. UECIDE supposedly a modern version of MPLAB so it's apparently specifically designed for CK/Digilent stuff. Anyways, I was able to build a hex in the UECIDE and upload it onto my ProMX7 through the Debug Chip via MPLab. If I can do that, I'd imagine that means the ICD 4 would work just the same. The next big question: do you know where the chip clock portions are in which .h file? I'm guessing the p32xxxx.h file while I am currently digging through, but it looks like there are more header layers to be digging.
  3. Quick context: I designed new board using the ProMX7 as a reference. I designed it to specifically use the ICD4. I did not design any of the USB items into it, specifically the UART option for programming via Arduino IDE or UECIDE after flashing the appropriate HEX. It's too late into the project to add a USB option. Question: Am I restricted to MPLab X IDE to use the ICD 4? I've been using UECIDE at the moment with the Pro MX7 and have gotten pretty far in the code but I'm starting to wonder if this is a dead end as I will need to program it all in MPLab. Meaning different boot loader and etc. This would be a non-issue except for the available TCP examples in UECIDE preventing any need to re-invent the wheel. Thoughts? Musings? Concerns? Further explanations? Answers? Appreciate any and all help.