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  1. @zygot what uses/benefits would the external synchronization clocks provide if they were included on the board/pods? I am newish to FPGAs
  2. Hey! I am wondering if there are any options for connection to larger touch screen displays (>5in) that can be connected through PMOD to an arty s7? I see that Avnet has some documentation on one for zynq here but I can find it for sale, looks like it uses two PMOD ports. anyone know of any others?
  3. Never mind, I just looked again and Digilent has provided the info on the product page for the eclypse board. The model included is the 1410-105
  4. Okay, I was referring to the specific model number. When you look at the ZMOD ADC 1410 there are three different models, each with a different max sample frequency, I am just wondering which one is included when you purchase the board with the ADC option. Thanks for the feedback tho, I am planning to use it for some intermediate level DSP exploration, along with some SDR stuff and making a hobbyist service monitor for my handheld radio. any option of the ADC would be fine for my projects I am just wondering which one is included when you buy it.
  5. Hi! I see that the purchasing options for the eclypse z7 can include both a Zmod adc and dac, I am wondering which sample rate option these are? Looks like the Dac only has one option, but the adc has 3 different sample rates to choose from.
  6. Okay thanks @JColvin that makes sense
  7. Hello! working with microblaze and UART on the ARTY S7-25 board and having IO constraints issues. When I include the master XDC file provided by digilent, Vivado gives me an error (when i open the synthesized design) saying that it cannot place the UART pins because of user constraints. Bitstream can still be generated successfully, i havent actually tried to run the UART because I dont want to screw anything up. When I dont include the XDC file, the tools automatically route the UART_tx and UART_rx to pins R12 and V12, respectively, however in the XDC file they are filpped (UA
  8. is this still available? I have a brand new Genesys 2 I would consider trading
  9. Hey guys! Genesys 2 for sale: - New but open box, all accessories included. - Still has unused Vivado voucher for the Kintex part on the board (expires in late october of this year) ebay link: Thanks for looking! ( I am going to post this to the EEVblog too so if you see it there just know its me) Message if interested
  10. @zygot Yes good point, perhaps i should explain what I did better. I only used the Blue plastic piece from the heat sink part number above. When the original yellow clip came broken and the entire thing came off, I unscrewed the fan, and cleaned the old thermal pad off from the original passive aluminum piece. When the new one arrived, I only used the clip from it (because I couldn't find the separate clip part, only heatsink+clip together), however used the original passive heatsink itself, and screwed the fan back on. Also good point, I will keep this in mind. Thanks.
  11. Jameco part listed below works!
  12. Thanks @JColvin! I did some digging and found this one on Jameco, it is not the same color but is very close to original size and should be okay. I will just screw the fan into the new one and if it works i will mark it as a solution.
  13. Hey guys! Just got my new AWESOME Genesys ZU board! Sadly, my heat sink has just fallen off. The little yellow square piece was not seated fully and when I went to press it down, the whole thing popped off! Nice to see that gleaming Ultrascale+ chip haha, but I would like a working heat sink :) Is there a replacement part number for this? I need the sticky thermal pad stuff (which I am assuming is generic?), and the yellow clip. Thanks!
  14. Hey peeps!! Hope your week is going good! I really LOVE Digilent's FPGA and SoC boards and have a good handful of them :) My question is does anyone know when or if Digilent will release new boards? I have just been seeing some new parts come around like addtions to the ZYNQ ultrascale+ family and the the new Artix Ultrascale+ which looks aweomse! I have just subscribed to the newsletter and searched the blog (should have asked during the AMA) but didn't find anything. I know its probably secret but I just thought I would ask in case anyone has seen anything. A foll
  15. gotcha, thanks for the thorough answer. Yes okay, sounds like it would work. I havent spent any time with larger scale FPGAs, and I was just concerned that it would take like 1 or 2 hours to synthesize and implement a design. Sounds like it wont unless its reeally big. and yes I use up the synthesis time to do other things as you mentioned like answer emails and do calculations. Thanks for the advice :)