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  1. Hello amkichu, I know it has been a long time between my comment and your previous questions. I recently fixed these issues with a friend of mine when we did a few changes: 1) Make sure you Input buffer your clock from the FPGA or the sys_clk_pin. This would look like: IBUFG inputClkInst(.I(FPGA_CLK),.O(clkFPGA_bufd)); 2) If you have multiple clocking wizards, feed in the previous output clock through a normal buffer like this: BUFG bufg_300MHz(.I(clk_300MHz),.O(clk300_bufd)); Then you can bring in the bufd clock as the input into your other clocking wizard. (Make sure to specify the correct frequency on it in the wizard) 3) If you use the clocks from the IP Clocking Wizard, make sure to buffer them before sending them to other modules to drive the signals there. Hope this helps! Cheers!