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  1. I liked the Digital Discovery so much, I got the Analog Discovery 2 as well! I've been using that for about a week now. Loving these tools. Really nice work, Digilent!
  2. Hi All, I've been using the Saleae Logic 8 and Logic Pro 16, and I don't want to knock them, overall they're not bad, the software is really nice, but for me, the continual downgrade in sampling rate due to USB bus contention, has just lead to endless frustration. Finally I decided enough is enough, and it's time for an upgrade. The Digital Discovery seemed like good bang for the buck, and with a substantial DDR3 buffer memory, it seems like I should not have the same issues I was having with the Saleae analizers. So all I've done so far is to just fire up WaveForms and pro