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    NotMyCupOfTea got a reaction from marimo in Using Pmod DA3 on a Zybo Z7   
    Hi everyone,
    After having succesfully managed to use de XADC of the Zybo Z7010 board as explained in this post, I am now trying to use a DAC Pmod (reference and documentation here).
    After having checked the documentation, I have tried to write the SPI connection to the DAC (please find the verilog file and simulation in the attached files).
    Note, that I have decided to set the l_dac signal to 0 to enable continuous output to an oscilloscope.
    The simulation seems to run well to me and to be in accordance with the documentation, however, the result is not satisfactory.
    Indeed, the signal I want to output is on 16-bits and the command "output = 16'b1111111111111111", which should give the max value does not reach it. Besides, when I ask to "output = 16'b1000000000000000", which should give half of the max signal, the output is almost zero.
    Finally, please find in the attached files the image I get on an oscilloscope when I input a sine signal with 0.5V offset and 1Vpp.
    Does aybody see what I am missing ? Don't hesitate to ask more details if needed.
    Thank you in advance,
    DAC_wiz_0.v DAC_wiz_0.sim

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    NotMyCupOfTea got a reaction from jpeyron in Using XADC on a Zybo Z7 board   
    Hi jpeyron,
    Thank you very much for having helped me, it works fine now !
    Problem solved !