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  1. Hello. I want to use my Analog Discovery 2 to acquire SPI data (as I currently do using the "Protocol tool") and make them available in MATLAB or vice versa. I found a toolbox in MATLAB called "Data Acquisition Toolbox", but it appears that it is mainly made for analog measurements rather than digital (SPI) ones. The WaveForm SDK was marked as legacy and I could not find any further information for using the SDK for digital signals anyway. Right now I guess the only way to accomplish what I require is not possible. Instead, I will always have to use a file as a buffer and the "Script tool" for loading or storing this file. Am I correct in thinking this?
  2. Hello attila! Thank you so much! That fixed my problem. In the end I was just too silly to use the program correctly! It looks like this now: I do not have any further questions. Thank you for your help though! I am very happy with the AD2 and also with the software. Kind regards!
  3. I am trying to use the WaveForms SPI Logger function to establish a communication between a STM32 and my PC. Everything works fine if I use slow SPI clockrates (slower than ~1Mhz) but I need rates up to 2.5 Mhz (or at least 1.3 Mhz). Is the Analog Discovery 2 even capabel of reading these fast pin changes? Are maybe my settings incorrect? I don't have any problems with clockrates of 320 kHz or 640 kHz, but WaveForms is just showing me rubbish at 1.25 Mhz, as you can see in the Screenshot. I would have expected to see the letters "ABC" which I am sending currently from the master.