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  1. Hi all So am working on a custom board, which has the SOM part- Mar AX3(has Artix-7, DDR3, Flash) which is the focus. I am trying to store my SDK project on the Flash. Following reference: I have been going smooth until my Flash device was not recognized when connected to the hardware. I am not able to find any good resource online to further help me resolve the issue. xilinx ref: (but
  2. this is the camera setup example with zybo-z7020 with pcam 5c module. I have retargeted it for my z7010 board and the file works properly for vivado 16.4 which am using on linux. but in the SDK the file when creating binaries is not able to find header file and shows some error. i have checked in the source files and the doc exists, i dnt understand why is not able to identify the header and am stuck on this sure others are facing the same problem! but has anyone found the solution ... do let me know. i have attached a screenshot below.