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  1. I work for an Electrical Engineering Program at a University and we are considering using the USB scopes from Digilent in one or more of our labs. However, we need to know if they can do the following things: Please note that I am not an Engineer, more of a procurement specialist. I have done as much research as I can understand and have posted my findings, but I am not qualified to pull 100% reliable answers from the documentation, so any help is greatly appreciated. 1. The ability to display and capture (for lab reports) analog waveforms in the audio frequencies (22kHz+ up to 100KHz). From the sales data sheet it appears that this is possible: Analog inputs go to 5MHZ: Two fully di­erential channels; 14-bit converters; 100 MSPS real-time sample rate • 500uV to 5V/division; 1MΩ, 24pF inputs with 5MHz analog bandwidth 2. The ability to display and capture (for lab reports) spectral plots in the same band as above. Again from the sales sheet, this appears to be possible: Real-time FFTs, XY plots, Histograms and other functions always available 3. The ability to average several spectral plots of the same signal to reduce noise in the plots. 4. The ability to generate white noise. I have been unable to find anything concerning these last two needs from documentation I have been able to find on If anyone knows about these capabilities, I really appreciate the help.