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  1. Hi zygot, thank you for your response, I appreciate it very much! You're right, just using LVDS is not enough, I was just trying to see if there were maximum speed tests on that interface. At the end I'm planning to use JESD204B for this application, since that interface was design for this type of requirements. The Cora z7 board is just for testing, in the future we will be building our own board for the acquisition system we want to implement. I'm new to this JESD204B protocol/interface but I know that it has a lot of advantages and a lot of Analog Devices high speed ADCs use it, that's why I want to use that. There are some problems using the Cora z7 that I found, it seems that the traces that goes to the PMOD connectors are designed for LVDS, so it is a different impedance matching. I guess if I adapt it well on the other side the JESD204B could be used (it seems that they use CML interfaces for the data lines in this JESD204B protocol). And also you're right on the clock issue, I didn't see if any of the PMOD pins goes to any clock pin, I will have to check this also. We will be doing some tests in the next days, I will post our results here so you can see it and maybe help me with some questions. Thank you again. Cheers, Joaquín
  2. Thank you Jon! I will check those threads and on the next days I will try some tests with a couple of boards I have. Cheers, Joaquín
  3. Hello! I just signed in to the forum, happy to be part of it. I have a question regarding the High speed Pmod connectors on the Cora Z7-10, I want to know what is the speed limit of each differential pair. I want to use the Cora Z7 for a data acquisition system, some ADC boards will be connected to these Pmod connectors and will send data trough it. My ideal case will be to transfer data from 8 ADC boards, each of them have 14 bits and are sampling at 60MHz, so each differential pair will have a speed of 840 Mb/s. Is this possible with the Cora Z7-10 High-Speed Pmod connectors? If not, what is the maximum speed of those connectors? Thank you for your time. Cheers, Joaquín