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  1. Ok, will do that. I thought the I might be able to use Adept tool to read/write values into the registers of NetFPGA SUME. Using dsumecfg tool I am able to load bitstream onto the NetFPGA SUME. Similarly, I was looking for something that can help me read/write table entries onto NetFPGA SUME. Thanks.
  2. In the P4->NetFPGA workflow, the following script is used to store table entries into the registers of NetFPGA SUME: #!/bin/bash ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x11111108 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000811 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000101 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x22222208 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000822 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000104 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x33333308 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000833 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000110 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x44444408 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000844 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000140 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0xffffffff ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x0000ffff ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000155 ${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001 But, for this operation, I need to have NetFPGA SUME connected to the PCIe slot. If I want to operate NetFPGA in standalone mode (configure using Parallel Flash with only USB-JTAG connection), is there any way to read/write register values into NetFPGA. i.e. can we read/write values into registers of NetFPGA using the USB-JTAG port alone and with no connection to host through PCIe? Is there any tool available which can help me fulfil my objective?