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  1. Hi @JColvin, I found the problem with a basic test. I use a potantiometer to read voltage from ad1 input data 2. Also I use 100 Mhz clock for PmodAD1 IP and when I change the reference voltage, I can scale the incoming data to the desired range regardless of 12 bits. I know the data comes as 12 bits, but it doesn't matter to me. If we come to the problem, as you can see in video below, the potentiometer value changes from 0 to 3.3V once, while the voltage read by AD1 starts twice. I think digilent example PmodAD1.c file has a error while parsing commen data from spi. I changed this parsin
  2. Hi again @JColvin and sorry for the missing narration. I use unity for data visulation. Processed sensor data is sended to Zedboard via PMOD AD1, then zedboard sends to Unity. Before I send data to Unity, I wonder which processed data come to me. So, I use built-in serial terminal on SDK. When I examine on the built-in serial terminal, I think there is an error in the PMOD AD1 library or the sample code. Because, I map the coming data from AD1 to between 0-1024 like arduino's. But Arduino's data is like ECG signal(True one), however AD1 data in serial terminal on SDK is more like a noise
  3. Hi again, This is my ecg sensor. (link1) As you see in picture1 and link1, ECG sensor has built-in chip and it only sends processed analog data as ecg signal. So in arduino example, Analog output of sensor is pluged-in Arduino's analog input port. Then You can easily see the ecg graph in Serial plotter screen. I want to see this graph clearly like arduino's serial plotter. I have vivado-library for digilent pmods ip. in FPFA side, I only use this ready-to-use IPs. In SDK Side, I use PmodAD1 library and their example code. But this code is not working as well as arduino's. I wonder why t
  4. Hi, I want to read analog data from ad1 pmod. For Vivado part, I use digilent pmod ips to connet fpga. For SDK part, I use AD1.h and AD1.c library in examples. My sensor sends to me analog values between 0-3.3V. (This is a heart rate ECG values). During using arduino, all heart beat data can be read. But I use same function for zedboard, Analog values doesnt look like arduino's. How I can configure and fix this problem? As you see ad1-zedboard connection as below.
  5. Hi I'm newbie for fpga. I want to connect my zybo Z7 device to matlab simulink. I follow these workflow.(https://se.mathworks.com/help/hdlcoder/examples/define-and-register-custom-board-and-reference-design-for-zynq-workflow.html) During 10th step, error message appears. How I can solve this problem? Error using codertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell/setupZynqHardware (line 543) Cannot connect to "Zynq hardware". Details: Could not connect to the hardware over Serial Port. Check that USB cable is plugged into 'USB-to-UART' port of the hardware and the power switch is turned o