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  1. Hi, Since I am just an end-user of the OpenLogger. Hence, I am having a hard time to read a log file to a CSV file based on the instruction of the digilentinc' s instruction. Has anyone succeeded in converting the log file? If so, is there any advice or suggestion that you could give? Could you post a video of converting to CSV on youtube Digilentinc as it is very ridiculous for the OpenLogger to produce a file which can not be read in Matlab?
  2. Hi, 1. What are the power requirements of the board? I am designing a system that requires the OpenLogger to be mobile (not powered by USB micro B via laptop) 2. Where can I get a full schematic of the board?
  3. Hi, I am trying to generate a pulse wave instead of a continuous wave which is the default of Waveform Live. Is there a way to do this? I am also having a problem using the math function which is located in the bottom right of the browser, It freezes the site when it is selected.
  4. Welcome smart people, I am new to this forum, I have some questions about OpenLogger and Analog Discovery, but I am not quite sure where to post them. Please help!! But If you think you can help, I already posted one in the Scope & Instruments. Thanks.
  5. I'm an undergraduate student who is doing research on campus and planning to utilize the offers from both OpenLogger and Analog Discovery 2, but I need to know some of the information before buying them and I have been fishing for answers for the whole week now, please help!! Can open logger - Accept an input trigger to know when to start recording? - Is data on the SD card timestamped? If yes, how accurately? Regarding bandwidth - Any way to increase bandwidth to 100 kHz?!? - Can somebody share signal loss vs. frequency plots of the Op