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  1. Hi All, I need someone help in understanding the Digilent Trainer MX370. My overall goal is to program this chipset with Mathworks using matlab and simulink models. Microchip C compiler and Mathworks products work together to form the basic building blocks of math modeling and coding. I have a couple of projects in mind, but my first one is building a PID controller and peak detectors forming a buck booster controller working in the T and S domains. It turns out the one needs the embedded coder as well as many other modules. Does anyone understand this embedded coder? My ques
  2. Hi JColvin, here is link to a board Spartan 3 Board. Old one. I am trying to get ISE 14.7 to work and communicate to this board via downloading fails. I might need to build a configuration file for this device. now sure how. Memory and Ram and jtag pins and the Done LED have to be listed somewhere I am thinking? Or maybe I am going down the wrong path? I show some of this work here as well. XC3S1000 -4FT256 I think. i don't think its supported.
  3. Hi All, Phil here again. I have Spartan®-3E 1600 FPGA Starter Kit board and it LCD on it. The first problem I am having missing the FPGA pin number for LED 0. Tried the Xilinx the Spartan 3E manual. All the LEDs in this datasheet are wrong. The PCB board is correct. However, I can't read the LED(0) number. Any ideas, if one does not know about these pins. Maybe there are tools that I could use to narrow down the possible location of this LED 0 pad on this PCB. Looking for the FPGA pad number? Thanks. The second thing I would like to do. Writing to the LCD
  4. Hi All, Its been a while in setting up Compilers and Synthesizers. No problem setting up the Spartan 3E 1600 it was on the list in ISE 14.7. However, the Spartan®-3 FPGA Starter Kit board has a four-character, seven segments LED display controlled by Spartan 3 FPGA is not on the list. What would it take to build up a library or configuration in ISE 14.7 . to select this Spartan 3 Board. Characteristics the compiler needs Chip and Package number as well as the Temp Code, maybe. Most importantly it needs to know where Jtag is and how it's connected. RAM and ROM chips and addresses g
  5. Very nice zygot, FPGA Boards with Arm processors is one design type. FPGA boards with soft processors is another. I have an old Spartan 3E I was playing with an Ethernet port RS232, VGA and PS2 all of which I would like to write code for just to get the feel of this project. Basic keypad, LCD with ethernet or RS232 as a com. I only see this being done with a soft processor. I don't believe this PHY is connected to the core. I have not been able to find any IP or C that would allow this port to be initialized. I did find some basic RS232 code. They broke it done ni
  6. Xilinx Tools FPGA and ARM Coding? How does one program the newer boards with HDL and C coding on one platform? Do the tools support both processor and VHDL or Verilog? I don't see the big picture here. I am working the Spartan 3 and 6 designs. I would like to move into the Artix 7 at some point. I need a working platform for USB 3.0 and Ethenet 1 G. Phil