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  1. Alex_V


    Hi Jon, I want to update you that I found the problem! One of the push buttons (BTNc) became damaged and acted as a short in its open position. Unfortunately, actually, this button was defined as global RESET in all my projects. As a result, each time I was downloading the bitstream into the board the code was stuck on the RESET and never exit this state. That why nothing was working in all my projects. That also describes why the Demo code was working as usual - the Demo does not use this particular button for RESET. I remapped the RESET to another button and all my codes return working properly. Thank you very much for your effort in trying to help me. Best regards, Alex Vinitsky
  2. Alex_V


    Hi Jon, Have you tried using different usb cables? - YES Is the mode jumper set to JTAG? - see attached picture What does the Nexys A7 show up as in the device manager under pots and universal serial bus controllers? The board not only recognized by the PC it also connected to Vivado Hardware Manager - see attached picture Thank you, Alex
  3. Alex_V


    Hi, I am now working on the final project of the course. During my work, I do a lot of tries where I change something in my code and download the Bit Stream into the chip via a standard USB JTAG procedure. It was working like this a lot of time, but unfortunately, it stopped working properly yesterday. Each time I am trying to download the Bit Stream all steps in Vivado are performed correctly but the board does not act as expected. Does not act as it acted before. I tried different previously working codes and all of them do not work now! Also, I tried my codes on another similar board of my friend from the course and all the codes worked as before and as expected. Very important to note that despite the written above the board DOES success to start and work with it's Demo Code that is stored in the Flash memory each time I power up the board. The Demo Code works like before. Please advise what can be done. Thank you, Alex Vinitsky