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    johnsan1 reacted to artvvb in Can I get more accurate readings in Tera term?   
    I'm not sure w/ regards to tera term, but there are some other options.
    Assuming you aren't running up against the baud rate as a speed limit, you could add a Xilinx AXI Timer/Counter IP to your block design, that could be used to fairly precisely time how long your code takes to execute. The time values captured from the counter, either raw or formatted however you want could then be printed over serial, along with your data.
    Adding in extra bytes to the serial transfers would slow the system down, but you could either increase the data density of the transfers by reducing the number of bytes (stripping out the leading "Pin V" substring for example), or try to increase the baud rate, or something else.
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    johnsan1 got a reaction from artvvb in Using tera term for two pmods   
    Sorry this is a bit late, but yeah this is basically what I did and it worked. Thank you so much!!
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    johnsan1 reacted to artvvb in Using tera term for two pmods   
    Hi @johnsan1
    As there is only one UART link between the PC and your board, you cannot use more than one instance of Tera Term.
    I am assuming you have a Vivado block design containing two Pmod AD2 IP cores.
    The provided SDK example code only configures and reads from one AD2. In order to view samples from both AD2's at the same time, you must edit the example code to configure and control both AD2s and print data from both out over the serial interface. A starting point would be to add a second device driver instance to the code by editing line 44 of the example code as follows:
    PmodAD2 myDevice_JA, myDevice_JD; Thanks,
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    johnsan1 reacted to artvvb in "#include "sleep.h"" error   
    Hi @johnsan1
    Microblaze does not support sleep.h in some older versions of Vivado. A nearly equivalent set of functions can be found in microblaze_sleep.h, though it may not include microsecond sleeps.
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    johnsan1 reacted to jpeyron in Log Files? And interfacing with more than 1 pmods?   
    Hi @johnsan1,
    I believe this documentation will help you make a log file in tera term.
    best regards,