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  1. Thank you very much, I didn't know that was possible. Although I've never working with Verilog before, so It's a bit confusing for me.
  2. reading from pc and outputting back to pc as jpg would be more convenient, but i would explore other options that would work better
  3. Hello everyone I am a student in bachelors and I am working on a project combining Digital Image Processing and FPGA programming. The project consists of global image thresholding but should be done real-time by the FPGA and returning the output image back to PC/laptop. I have the Nexys Video board but I still haven't figured out how to "import" the images. Is it even possible to store data in the FPGA's buffer/RAM? If someone could help me with importing/exporting data I would be very grateful. My course in FPGA includes programming in VHDL instead of Verilog, so that's the one I am using. Every information would be helpful.