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    WillTx reacted to Ana-Maria Balas in MTDS PMOD Connection issue   
    Hello @WillTx,
    1. There is an IP for Pmod MTDS with the drivers you need to make your Pmod MTDS working. It also contains 10 demos from which you can learn a lot. You can find it here :
    You need to download the entire vivado-library (from here) then follow the tutorial for using Pmod IP cores in Vivado.
    2. Your block design after adding the Pmod MTDS IP:
    3. You can use the board flow to automatically connect to JB Pmod connector without a XDC constrain file (as it shows in the tutorial at step 3).  You need to install the board files first.
    If you want to use the Cora-Z7-07S-Master.xdc constraint file, below are the lines corresponding to JB Pmod connector :

    4. Please follow the REAME.txt found in drivers/PmodMTDS_v1_0/examples/