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  1. Thank you jpeyron! I´m trying to add the Pmod DA3 to the Python library from PYNQ.io. Looking at other PMOD devices in pynq.lib.pmod library, the command "self.microblaze.write_blocking_command(cmd)" is used to write to PMOD devices. write_blocking_command function links to "write_mailbox" in pynq.py file: This is the point I´m a bit stuck to now.... I try to figure out how the code is structured to link "self.microblaze.write_blocking_command" argument to the register address and data wrote to the PMOD AD3 device. I don´t really get how the cmd value in "self.microblaze.write_blocking_command function(cmd)" is handled at lower level, to finally write to the correct register of AD3 DAC. Any further clarification on this is really appreciated! Kind regards. Y_H
  2. Hi guys, I've just bought a Pynq board. Could anyone help and give the main steps to follow to add a new PMOD device to the default overlay? I'd like to add the DA3 PMOD DAC that is currently missing. Many thanks!