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  1. Hi What are you trying to measure? →I want to use Nexys A7-100T in the container. But for my measurement setup, I can use only 6.5 ohm cable line to supply voltage to Nexys A7-100T. Where does your schematic show what you refere to as a 6.5 ohm supply line? →6.5 ohm is cable resistance from end to end. I checked cable resistance with multimeter. Did you check that all power supply voltages are present? →Yes.Voltage supply output setting values.
  2. Hi, I have a Nexys A7-100T board. I want to supply voltage using external battery pack for my measurement. But for my measurement setting,voltage supply line has 6.5Ω resistance.When I supplied 5 V to voltage supply line, FPGA coundn 't activated. I guessed the reason for activation problem is voltage drop. I supplied about 7.25 voltage so that voltage between battery’s positive terminal to the center pin of JP3 and the negative terminal to the pin labeled J12 is about 5 voltage.I checked the center pin of JP3 and the pin of J12 is about 5V. But I coundn 't activated.
  3. jpeyron, thanks for your help. Now I try to echo server using my Nexys A7-100T board ,but a problem occurs while doing this tutorial. In 4. Configuring and Routing the IP Cores When I click run block automation and click OK,Vivado got shut down every time. Please tell me how to solve this problem.
  4. Hello, I am using the Nexys A7-100T board.And I'm able to successfully read external input voltages on XADC Demo provided in the " ". I want to measure external input voltage(taken from measurement system) and show the parameter on PC. Now I try to modify the XADC Demo program,but I am still a beginner so I can't succeed. Please let me know how to do for making program. thanks marimo