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  1. After downloading and looking at WaveForms software I have a few questions. Is it possible to have a wavegen and also use the Digital I/O at the same time? If possible, any tutorials on how to do this? I have been able to import custom data into the wavegen but can't find a way to set a Digital output. Looking at the SDK it looks like it would be possible to use the Analog output and Digital I/O at the same time? Is there any to sync the Analog output and digital output? For example, I want to send 250ms of analog data, then turn on the output, send another 200ms of analog data and then turn the output off. I have attached a file of what I am looking to do, does the SDK have some way to turn an Output on exactly after 250ms of analog out? I noticed some C++ examples for the SDK, however they appear to only use on feature at a time. Are there any complex examples? Thank you Sheldon