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    Sound Synthesis using the Axoloti and maybe the Basys3
  1. Thanks @OvidiuD, I'll take one step after another and the forums are quite a good source of knowledge. So far, I plan to start with very basic schemes in order to understand how Vivado works. Then I will work on communicating with the Axoloti through SPI. Best regards
  2. Hello from Paris France, I've just received a nice Basys3 and Pmod I2S2. I plan to use these for sound synthesis. I'm quite confident with DSP and synthesis stuff as I experiment my algorithms on the Axoloti (an Arm based plateform). I plan to use the Artix 7 as a sidekick for the Axoloti. It will be dedicated to a rather simple, yet usually CPU intensive, algorithm such as Additive Synthesis or Formantic Waveform Synthesis. Well, that's my long run project. For the moment, I'm back to FPGA/VHDL 101 and blinking leds. I've already browsed the Forums and i want to thank everybody for their insight :D