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  1. Thank you @JColvin, I'm glad you reached the same conclusions that I did. I can indeed confirm that the memory seems to work correctly at 1.35V, but the datasheet for the DDR chip is certainly ambiguous. Charlie
  2. Hi, I just got an Arty S7 board, and I'm writing a DDR3 controller. The schematic for this board says that it has a MT41K128M16JT-125:K (a 1.35V DDR3 chip). The manual also states that the DDR3 runs at 1.35V and suggests using 1.35V IO. However the board I have received contains a PMF511816FBR-KADN. According to its datasheet, this is a 1.5V DDR3 chip. My initial experiments show that this RAM works, but I am concerned about the voltage mismatch. Please could someone confirm the situation? Thanks!