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  1. PoojaN

    Measure Clock on Arty

    Hi @jpeyron Thank you for the answer. I was able to map the clock to the JA1 port using the ODDR, however the port was out of phase and I wanted to buffer this output as I want to interface the outputs of Arty with another chip set. This is the output that I observed on the scope. The yellow trace is the on board oscillator and the blue trace is the output through the ODDR. And just out of curiosity, was your Discovery 2 in scope mode or logic analyzer mode?
  2. PoojaN

    Measure Clock on Arty

    Hii @jpeyron I followed the same tutorial, but I am not able to understand where to specify my output pin where I will be able to scope my clock.
  3. PoojaN

    Measure Clock on Arty

    Hi! @hamster Thank you for the answer, but could you please tell me how to ODDR output? I am pretty new to this. Also I am using Arty A7, which has Artix-7 FPGA, and all the information I could get was limited till Spartan-6 FPGAs. Thank You!
  4. PoojaN

    Measure Clock on Arty

    I am currently working on Arty A7 board and I want to measure my clock using a scope. Is there any way I can map the clock to any of the I/O pins? I tried using command set_property CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTEFALSE[ G13 CLK_IBUF ], but I the following error while programming the board with the bitstream, ERROR: [Labtools 27-3303] Incorrect bitstream assigned to device. Bitfile is incompatible for this device. Is there any way I can do this? Any help regarding clocks would be appreciated.
  5. Hi @jpeyron @xc6lx45 Thankyou for the quick reply! Changing the clock frequency setting worked!! Thanks a lot!
  6. I have a new Arty A7 board. I flash programmed it. When I connect the power supply/USB, it takes almost 10 seconds for my program in the flash to start. I followed the exact same steps mentioned in the Digilent Documentation to flash my Arty. Why is it working so slow?