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  1. bahare

    add ip in vivado

    Hi JColvin i attach a picture that show other errors that vivado get me when i whant creat new ip . thanks .
  2. hi i created a counter ip and i use vhdl language, how i can connect my output ip counter to output my master ip in VHDL code ?? for example in below tutorial after add component and add port map , “reg_data_out <= slv_reg1;” replace with “reg_data_out <= multiplier_out;" in “my_multiplier_v1_0_S00_AXI_inst” file , i want to know what shoud change in “my_counter_v1_0_M00_AXI_VHDL” file after add component above 'begin' and add port map in 'user add logic' ?
  3. bahare

    add ip in vivado

    hi when i creat my ip in vivado and save it , i wanted to creat another ip but vivado give me below Error : ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'ipx::edit_ip_in_project' failed due to earlier errors.
  4. i need a simple project in that zynq ps read dada from a ip counter can you help me?
  5. hi JColvin how can open these three files??
  6. hi thanks alot , Do you think I can change the following codes in sdk setting up two pmod port JA and JB at the same time? void increment_active_PMOD_Port() /** * \brief Increments the Active PMOD port and sets the globals UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO peripheral settings * * \retval None */ { g_nActivePMODPort++; if(g_nActivePMODPort>3) g_nActivePMODPort=0; switch(g_nActivePMODPort) { case 0: g_unActivePeripheralAddressI2C =XPAR_IIC_0_BASEADDR; g_unActivePeripheralAddressSPI =XPAR_SPI_0_BASEADDR; g_unActivePeriphe
  7. i want setting up ADC and DAC Peripheral Module at the same time on JA and JB on zedboard . maxim's project file is for 15 Peripheral Module that every time just one pmod can use, can you help me that how do i change maxim's ready project file that ADC and DAC setting up whit together at the same time ?
  8. i work whit pmod that producted whit maxim company , maxim company get me a file project for pmods in this link but in this project every pmod port on zedboard luanch alone , i want two port pmod work together can you help me ??
  9. hi herve canyou get me your project file that ADC and DAC work on zedboard? [email protected]
  10. Sorry i am unskilled i have one file for two pmod max5216(DAC) and max11205(ADC) but in this file just one pmod work and i want that ADC andDAC work togheter have you file ready C in SDK or one file that DAC and ADC work togheter?