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  1. Hi sbobrowicz, Thanks for the reply and resources! I have downloaded and viewed the files and they are awesome. However, the code is in vhd and I have no knowledge on vhd. This is a noob question but i'm wondering if there is a verilog version (.v) so that I'm able to modify the code to my needs. Once again, thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, We would like to implement bluetooth capabilities on our FPGA (nexys3) board. We want an app on our mobile phone to be able to transmit and receive data to/from the FPGA. We have tried looking for sample codes all over the net but we couldn't find any. Hope that any of you guys have experience working with this pmod module. 1) How should I go about implementing this in verilog? 2) For the app, is there data formatting to be done on the phone application? I'm looking at the default slave mode for this application. To use this mode, do I need to enter command mode, and transmit '$$$' from my mobile application? These are some of the reference materials for the pmodBT2. Cheers, Amos