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  1. Hello I am having a problem making a cosine function with my Wavegen. I did phase shift 90 degrees to make a cosine function with a sine function and the scope still shows a sine function. On the graph from the scope, the output voltage is supposed to be 1V on 0 sec. However, with some reason, it does not work. I updated the Waveform up to date. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you so much for reading this question!
  2. @attila Thank you for the detailed explanation! I would like to ask you one more to check if I understand correctly if it is okay with you. So, when I use Impedance Analyzer of Analog Discovery 2, AD2 automatically assumes the probe of its own has 43pF/1.04MΩ. Is it correct? If I use Wavegen as my voltage source, does it not have any impedance of the voltage source?
  3. Hello I am an Electrical Engineering student who just finished the second year last April and I have a question about Analog Discovery 2. I wasn't sure about the forum topic that I had to choose, so I chose this forum to ask my question. Hopefully, this is the right one. I wanted to measure the impedance of AD2 itself to make a lab to understand AC power matching concept. Do I need the impedance of AD2 for me to make this kind of lab? If so, how can I measure it? I have no idea how I can connect AD2 to some other wave generator, so I can measure the voltage drop through AD2. I read the reference manual of AD2 and I couldn't find any information, so I leave here my question. I would really appreciate any wisdom! Thank you.