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  1. The Digilent web site (having just checked) makes no indication that OpenLogger is only supported by Windows. All it requires is Digilent Agent (which has downloads for Mac, Linux, and Windows - again, as I type this) and the WaveFormsLive web site. I have no interest in booting to Windows (it's 2019 - right?). Looking on the product summary right now, there's no indication that it is Windows only at all. If there is no support for Mac, then Digilent has mis-represented their product and needs to refund my purchase. How do we proceed?
  2. I got an OpenLogger MZ months ago when there first available. When the device arrived, there were lots of issues (download site down, general flakiness, etc.). I put the unit on the shelf since I didn't need it right away and hoped that the software would improve. Yesterday I tried it out again and it's still really flaky. Note - I have no problems whatsoever with my AD2 or with a Digilent FPGA board. I've tried it on two different hosts (both Mac's - I don't have anything else). Here is the core symptom at the moment: (1) Install Digilent Agent while the OpenLogger DMZ device is not connected (2) Launch Digilent Agent (3) Connect the device via USB (4) Go to (5) Add device of type Agent (6) I get a page where I can choose a "Selected Device" from a drop down. This drop down is populated with: cu.ARPT tty.ARPT cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port cu.usbserial-210364AA7FEA0 tty.usbserial-210364AA7FEA0 cu.usbserial-210364AA7FEA1 tty.usbserial-210364AA7FEA1 Trying to "Open" any of these devices fails. I'm beginning to think I have bad hardware since I can't believe anyone would put up with something this non-functional. What can I do to get this thing to work?
  3. Two part response: (1) Last night I got a chance to have another go at the OpenLogger after having successfully updated its firmware. I went through the calibration procedure and then actually used it to monitor some voltages. It functioned okay, but there are clearly still bugs to work through in the firmware and/or the agent and/or the WaveFormsLive software. So - net of net, I'm no longer dead in the water. (2) W/r to updating the device drivers, where would I get updated drivers?
  4. My setup is as follows: MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.14.5 Up to date Safari Digilent Agent 1.0.1-9 (from DMG file) No iPad or iPhone is involved in any of this. The following steps reproduce the failure (which I'll repeat right now to know they are correct): Launch Digilent Agent Launch Safari Plug in OpenLogger LD2 (amber) lights up solid for ~1 second LD2 turns off and LD3 begins blinking green Connect to using Safari WaveformsLive software appears to load. Web page appears to have knowledge of device (see first image for screen shot). Click on three vertical dots and select "Instrument Panel" (see second image for screen appearance following this). Select "Update Firmware", LD3 stops flashing green and LD1 flashes red rapidly. I followed the steps from your email and updated the localhost version of WaveForms Live. I then re-launched Safari and connected to http://localhost:42135, which launched WaveFormsLive. I then added the device and attempted to update the firmware. This time, it spent several seconds (maybe 10) saying it was updating the firmware with the green flashing LED before it switched to the flashing red mode again. Eventually I get a message "Error uploading firmware". I then disconnected the OpenLogger, reconnected it, and it came back to flashing green. At that point, just because "why not" I connected to the cu.usbserial-210364AA7FEA1 instead of cu.usbserial-210364AA7FEA0 (there's only one OpenLogger anywhere) and tried to update the firmware. This had a new mode where red and yellow are both on (one or both flashing) and the firmware update completed. Why are there two names for the same device, both of which can be connected to and appear "live" but only one of which supports updating the firmware.
  5. Yes, it still fails as of 12:28PM CDT. I see this in Safari Javascript console log: [Log] storage constructor (main.js, line 5) [Log] Transport HTTP Contructor (main.js, line 122) [Log] settings service constructor (main.js, line 3) [Warning] Native: tried calling t.styleDefault, but the t plugin is not installed. (main.js, line 1) [Warning] Install the t plugin: 'ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-statusbar' (main.js, line 1) [Warning] Native: tried calling t.hide, but the t plugin is not installed. (main.js, line 1) [Warning] Install the t plugin: 'ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-splashscreen' (main.js, line 1) [Error] Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. [Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load due to access control checks. [Error] Failed to load resource: Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. (event, line 0) [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (, line 0) When I initially load the web site and then connect the USB cable to the OpenLogger, I see a solid yellow LED briefly that is near the standalone DC power in connector, followed by a flashing green LED right next to the USB connector. The flashing green continues when I launch the "Instrument Panel" dialog and can see the existing firmware version and the newest available firmware version. See the attached dialog1.png file - when I see that I still have a flashing green LED. When I click "Update Firmware", within a second the flashing green LED stops and I have a flashing red LED (LD1). It appears to me that the Agent can talk to the OpenLogger device fine, but that they initiation of the firmware update causes an error. One other oddity, the device shows up with many different names (see the second screen shot). I've tried both the cu and tty addresses ending in 0 with the same result.
  6. I got an OpenLogger last Friday and with the Digilent Agent link not working over the weekend this is my first chance to fire it up. The first thing you're supposed to do is update the firmware, so I try that. It fails with both Chrome and Safari. I turned off the firewall temporarily and that didn't help matters. I do see a failure to access: in the Javascript console log, but the behavior is inconsistent enough that I'm not sure whether it's always going after that S3 object (which has a name that looks mis-formatted), or whether once there's been a failure it no longer formats the name correctly. I can "connect" to the device. I'm at firmware 0.1359.0 and 0.1807 appears to be current. One message that might be relevant from the console is attached as an image. I'm dead in the water at this point ...