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  1. Thanks @zygot and @xc6lx45 to sharing such a important thinks, I have found some important list of questions and I have prepared all these and finally i have crack my interview. Once again thanks to all you. I am sharing that list to you, You both also liked it. Q: Can you tell us about the basic components of Linux? Q: Please draw a comparison between BASH and DOS. Q: How will you check out how much memory Linux is using? Q: Please explain symbolic links in Linux. Q: Can you tell us about the various kinds of permission under Linux? Also, explain how to change permissions. Q: What do you understand by daemons? Q: Please explain the various modes when using vi editor. Q: How will you append one file to another in Linux? And few more with answer here.
  2. Hello Everyone, I just want to know Is linux interview tough? My interview has been scheduled in next week. Can anyone provide me list of interview questions for linux profile as a fresher level. I have covered some most important topics like Linux, BASH and DOS, symbolic links, daemons and some more.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am a new one in this forum and want to know Is C or C++ faster. Which is easy to understand and goes with the scope in the present scenario.