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  1. Well, I ended up solving this on my own. I took a different approach to the instructions described by Ionut in October of last year. I did down load the Zybo Z7-20 Pcam 5C Demo Vivado 2017.4 but instead of replacing the vivado-library files, I just used the default that came with the .zip file. However, this ended up producing this DVIClocking error: digilent zybo [Synth 8-439] module "system_DVIClocking_0_0" not found After fighting with this for way too long, I noticed the Current Part for the DVIClocking IP under the IP Status column still shown the xc7z020 part and not the xc7z010 part like the rest of the IPs. After hunting this down, I found the .xci file for the DVIClocking did not get updated and still shown the old part as well as Vivado 2016.4. File location: ./src/bd/system/ip/system_DVIClocking_0_0/system_DVIClocking_0_0.xci <spirit:configurableElementValue spirit:referenceId="PROJECT_PARAM.DEVICE">xc7z020</spirit:configurableElementValue> <spirit:configurableElementValue spirit:referenceId="RUNTIME_PARAM.SWVERSION">2016.4</spirit:configurableElementValue> After changing these entries to the correct values, restarting Vivado, the Synthesis, implementation and bitstream generation processes all completed successfully. I used the instructions from the GitHub page to create the image in SDK to load on the board and now I have a working Pcam 5c on a Zybo Z7-10. Oh Joy!
  2. I've tried completing the steps described in this thread to convert the 2017.4 PCAM Demo to the Zybo Z7-10, however, I can not seem to get passed the Locked IP error listed below [BD 41-1665] Unable to generate top-level wrapper HDL for the BD-design '' is locked. Locked reason(s): * Block design contains locked IPs. Please run report_ip_status for more details and recommendations on how to fix this issue. List of locked IPs: system_MIPI_D_PHY_RX_0_0 system_MIPI_CSI_2_RX_0_0 I'm running this on a CentOS 7.6 VM, so should I try running this on a Windows system instead? Cheers, Jon
  3. Thanks Jon. And thanks for the links. Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi, My name is Jon and I am a Senior Software Engineer with some FPGA experience both academically as well as professionally, mainly with regards to testing and board bring up. Academically, I have a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Software Engineering as well as a AS in Electronics Computer Technology. I do have a Basys 2 from Digilent which I have used for online courses, and now I have a Zybo Z7-10 and Pcam-5c from a Road Test I am doing for element14. My previous Zynq experience includes using a Minized Starter Kit as well as maintaining Buildroot for a Zynq project. I find the Zynq processor interesting since it bridges both the Hardware and Software sides of Engineering and am looking to gain further knowledge and experience with this chip. Cheers, Jon
  5. Hi, I'm looking to run the Zybo Z7-10 HLS Video Processing Workshop as part of a Road Test for element14 as well as for a Robotic project I have but I am unable to access the site for the Workshop. When I click on the link at the bottom of the Zybo Z7 reference site, I get a status of Site is offline and the following error: "Database connection error (code #0)" Also, I had see the following link listed in another forum post as well in a element14 Webinar but it errors out as well. This produces the following error: "Error establishing a database connection" Is the Zybo Z7-10 HLS Video Processing Workshop still available or has it been replaced by something else? I did find the following GitHub repo for the Zybo-Z7-20 and Pcam-5c which is what I am looking for but I am not sure if this will work with the Zybo-Z7-10. Cheers, Jon