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  1. Thank you so much for answering:) I tried the beta version of Waveforms on the same Discovery 2 NI also with the same results. I started running the program. I pulled up 2 channels in two windows, clicked run on both of them. Left them running for awhile, started clicking on the drop down menus. The drop down menus stopped working after a few minutes and the program crashed. When my son gets home from school, I'll send a pic of the work space. It runs fine on my KDE Neon Linux laptop, an older Toshiba A355-S6925. I tried safe mode also. Waveforms still crashed. The KDE Neon laptop is s
  2. On a Windows 10 MSI laptop model G51-N1PR721-CV8 with GTX 960m video card with 16 GB ram, Intel i7. Using Discovery 2, after it runs for about 5 minutes, Waveforms crashes Windows. Waveforms ver. 3.10.1. Uninstalled, rebooted, turned off antivirus, reinstalled, kept antivirus off, ran waveforms again, same problem. Tried the next version down, still crashes. Any suggestions welcome. Will give any more specifics if asked. Trying to help my son in college. Thanks in advance:)