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  1. Hi Attila, yes thank you. You are totally right :) What do I have to consider additional, when measuring 110 VAC, using this 10X probes? Thanks again and with greetings, Lars
  2. Hi xc6lx45, the idea is not bad, but it will introduce distortions and delays into my measurement signal, through the coils and the magnetization of the iron core. I am looking for a direct measurement method using the AD2. Thank you and with greetings, Lars
  3. Hi Digilent AD2 Team, I have a simple question, for which I don't find an quick answer. I want to measure the waveform of a the mains voltage 11VAC using the oscilloscope of the AD2. What is the best way, to achieve this? Thanks for your help and with best greetings, Lars
  4. Hi AD2 team, I have the same problem. I would like to simple count a specific number of pulses of the output of my DC motor incremental encoder. What is the simplest way, to realize this task using the AD2? Thank you and with best greetings, Lars PS: I realized this task using the external interrupts with my microcontroller, but I want to confirm this number using the AD2.