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  1. One slight problem... per the DEIPcK.ccp file: /*** bool DEIPcK::getMyMac(MACADDR *pMAC) ** .... ** Notes: ** ** This value will not be accruate until the Ethernet and IP Stack is fully initialized bool DEIPcK::getMyMac(MACADDR& mac) { // get it set up if not already if(isLinked()) // <- I am NOT linked so I can't get the address. { LLGetMyMac(_pLLAdp, &mac); return(true); } return(false); } I can't get the MAC till the connection is made. I can't make the connection till I
  2. I have several WF32 boards - I need to give the MAC address to the "Masters of the Wireless" at our Company... How does one use DEIPcK/DEWFcK to find the IP (I am using Arduino 1.8.8 with the ChipKit Core 1.0.3) - I cant find any documentation. Thanks Bill
  3. Digikey shows 5 in stock as of today,-inc./410-309/1286-1137-ND/4969950?WT.srch=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnfLVBRCxARIsAPvl82FkLjauAMyeElJbFN7fn6QDyoqQtsQEwmLhEjwEAu6xJu1WDyK-2wEaAmjkEALw_wcB You might try other distributors as well if you need more. Bill
  4. Hi - On the Matlab end look at On the MX7 you can use the USB serial interface, but the other uarts are 0-5 volt - NOT the same as an RS-323 port on the PC. Hope this helps. Bill
  5. Still waiting to hear... Was going to try DEIPcK/DEWFcK but I get errors just trying to compile the UDPEchoServer example in MPIDE. It will compile in Arduino.ChipKit core, but get an error if I try and use USE_WEP2_KEY . Thanks Bill
  6. Hi -- I have a WF32. I can get it connected and do point to point UDP just fine. I need to receive a multicast UDP stream from a PC. I got this working on a WiFi Flyport ( but the PIC was underpowered... Does DNETcK/DWIFIcK support multicast and if so are there examples available?? Thanks Bill
  7. Pin 86 refers to the HEADER PINS --- NOT the chip pin Bill
  8. I am wanting to use a ChipKit board for a robot using WiFi and CAN. I am only seeing boards with wired network and CAN, is there an option I am not seeing? The MAX32 has the can, but it has an Ethernet also - can the MAX32 be used with the WiFi Shield? The WiFire or WF32 have the WiFi, but not the CAN, the only shield I see here that has CAN is the Ethernet Shield, will they work together? or am I better off with a Wi-Fire or WF32 and a CAN shield from else where like Thanks Bill