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  1. I am looking for tutorial that guides through the entire flow. Meaning, create a vivado project then create a linux image based on that hardware design. I am trying to figure how to write an application that would access my custom HDL module through Linux. I have already verified that my custom HDL module works through the AXI lite bus interface. I created a bare metal application to test my custom HDL module and everything works as I expect it. So, the next step would be doing the same through a Linux application. Hope that makes sense. Also, I am currently working with vivado within Windows 10 would it make more sense to install vivado on a Linux Box? I have gone through this tutorial: https://github.com/Digilent/Petalinux-Zybo-Z7-20/blob/master/README.md?_ga=2.65706535.861548781.1558477480-254828324.1551742247 Basically, installed Petalinux on VM linux box. Another thing, I had a really hard time installing Petalinux on Ubuntu 18.04.2. I gave up and went to 16.04.4 then seems to work just fine. Not sure if I understand that one. Any guidance would be tremendously appreciated. P.S I am currently using Zybo-Z7 20 board