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  1. 1.) USB A-Micro and JP6 is set tto USB 2.) JP5 set to JTAG 3.) Yes. Tested with multiple known working cables 4.) Yes. Tried multiple computers as well. 5.) No 6.)C222:C219 are all at 5V, C229:C228 both at 16mV, C237 12mV, and C240 16mV, which I'm guessing is not a good sign at all. Please advise possible options/solutions. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi Jon, Thanks for the quick reply. Here are the answers to your questions:
  3. Hello, We had a couple embedded systems projects using the Zybo Z7 and on the demo day a group was frantically trying to test their design and plugged something in backwards and the Zybo will no longer power on. I tried to get specific details from the group but failed to get any useful information from them. I've done a visual inspection and there are no burn marks or obvious shorts on the board. I've set all jumpers correctly and am trying to power over USB but it is not recognized under device manager and there are no "hot spots" present on the board either. Any suggestions for further troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Matt