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  1. I'm a high school teacher trying to buy the right software for use with Basys3 boards. I know xilinx software can be used. I'm interested in Multisim, so I can use it for analog circuit simulation as well as integrated logic simulation and schematic capture with the Basys3 board. Multisim Education is about $628/seat. They also have site licenses that make sense at about 25+ seats, for a yearly subscription. But on the digilent web site, they also offer this: which is a $40 student multisim. NI claims these are for students only to purchase and I don't know if that is a limited version. The Digilent web site doesn't mention usage restrictions for installing them in a computer lab used only by students. Does anyone know 1) Is this $40 version a permanent license? 2) Is it OK to purchase by a high school and install in a student-used computer lab? 3) Is it more limited in some way? Thanks for any expertise you might have.