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  1. Hi JC, et al. Any progress on a USB HID PMOD board? Surely I'm not the only one who would like to use a USB keyboard, but talk to it in PS/2 protocol on boards that don't have the PIC fitted. You've already developed the firmware and circuitry using the PIC chip, so it shouldn't be too difficult? Cheers, Leslie
  2. Hi JC, Ever given any more thought to this idea? PS/2 keyboards are becoming ever-increasingly difficult to find new. It would be great to be able to plug a new USB keyboard in to a PMOD and just treat it as a PS/2 model from my code. Alternatively, would you consider releasing the PIC24 code you used on the NEXYS 3/4 boards to do the USB>PS/2 conversion so that users could build their own without having to re-invent the wheel? Best Wishes, Leslie
  3. Hi Kaitlyn, No, my request has nothing to do with the Nexys3 or 4, I don't have either. I would like to see a PMOD board which takes a USB Keyboard/mouse input, and converts that to PS/2 compatible signals on the normal 6/12 PMOD style header pins. Basically, the same USB HID circuitry which already appears on the NEXYS3/4 boards, but on a PMOD board. Shouldn't be too difficult. I would like to be able to use a USB Mouse/Keyboard on other PMOD equipped FPGA boards which *don't* have the USB HID circuitry. Nexys2 for example. Hope that's a bit clearer Cheers, Leslie
  4. Hi JC, Thanks for your response. Sorry, should have been more specific. I was thinking of a PMOD board which basically incorporates the USB HID circuitry as implemented on the NEXYS 3 and 4 boards with a PIC24FJ192 . >Are you wanting to use the older PS/2 communication style rather than trying to work with USB Exactly. There is a great deal of code projects out there written to take PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard signals. Such a PMOD board would allow those projects to be used "as-is" without having to implement USB in the FPGA. Kind regards, Leslie
  5. Hi Digilent staff, and fellow forum members, Just wondering if you guys had considered making a USB HID -> PS/2 PMOD board? I was thinking of something like the circuit on the Nexys 3,4 boards which uses a PIC to convert a USB keyboard to PS/2 compatible signals. Would be handy for using newer USB keyboards/mice on PMOD socket equipped FPGA boards. PS/2 devices are becoming harder to find brand new. I (for one) would be interested in a few. Kind regards, Leslie