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  1. Hi JC, Ever given any more thought to this idea? PS/2 keyboards are becoming ever-increasingly difficult to find new. It would be great to be able to plug a new USB keyboard in to a PMOD and just treat it as a PS/2 model from my code. Alternatively, would you consider releasing the PIC24 code you used on the NEXYS 3/4 boards to do the USB>PS/2 conversion so that users could build their own without having to re-invent the wheel? Best Wishes, Leslie
  2. Hi Kaitlyn, No, my request has nothing to do with the Nexys3 or 4, I don't have either. I would like to see a PMOD board which takes a USB Keyboard/mouse input, and converts that to PS/2 compatible signals on the normal 6/12 PMOD style header pins. Basically, the same USB HID circuitry which already appears on the NEXYS3/4 boards, but on a PMOD board. Shouldn't be too difficult. I would like to be able to use a USB Mouse/Keyboard on other PMOD equipped FPGA boards which *don't* have the USB HID circuitry. Nexys2 for example. Hope that's a bit clearer Cheers, Leslie
  3. Hi JC, Thanks for your response. Sorry, should have been more specific. I was thinking of a PMOD board which basically incorporates the USB HID circuitry as implemented on the NEXYS 3 and 4 boards with a PIC24FJ192 . >Are you wanting to use the older PS/2 communication style rather than trying to work with USB Exactly. There is a great deal of code projects out there written to take PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard signals. Such a PMOD board would allow those projects to be used "as-is" without having to implement USB in the FPGA. Kind regards, Leslie
  4. Hi Digilent staff, and fellow forum members, Just wondering if you guys had considered making a USB HID -> PS/2 PMOD board? I was thinking of something like the circuit on the Nexys 3,4 boards which uses a PIC to convert a USB keyboard to PS/2 compatible signals. Would be handy for using newer USB keyboards/mice on PMOD socket equipped FPGA boards. PS/2 devices are becoming harder to find brand new. I (for one) would be interested in a few. Kind regards, Leslie