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  1. Dear all, I'm looking to purchase a Labview license for personal/non-commercial use. Apparently, Labview 2014 Home edition should be the thing I need but I have some additional questions. Is 'Labview 2014 Home Edition' based on 'Labview 2014'? I know this question almost answers itself, but nevertheless... NI is currently at Labview 2019, so Labview 2014 is getting old and there are some nice-to-have/upgrades that LV19 offers. If you are a student, the 'Labview student edition' is maybe something to look at because it offers more addons. But, since you can not be a student for the rest of your life, I presume this is a yearly license. Is 'Labview student Edition' a one year license and is 'Labview 2014 Home Edition' a life-long license? Regards