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  1. Thank you attila! It seems I haven't read that in the Manual yet. Now It's working.
  2. Hello, In my company we plan using the AD2 as an Test Equipment. First I used Labview 2018 64bit for my IDE and imported the 64bit dwf.dll from Waveforms 64bit. Due to many HW Drivers for other equipment doesn't work with 64bit Labview, I switched to 32bit Labview. When I want to use the 32bit dwf.dll, It says the libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is missing. Can anybody confirm this problem?
  3. First I set the record length to 0 and the acqmode to 3. To read the buffer from the AD2, call the AnalogInStatus function and then the AnalogInStatusRecord function. This tells you how many samples are available. You retrieve them with AnalogInStatusData.
  4. I got the same problem with analog acquisition. The State you get is always DwfStateReady. In analog acquisition I solved the issue by using Record Acquisition mode. Sadly for the Digitial In Module there is nothing compared available. This is my thread:
  5. Hello, I'm trying to configure and read data from the AI module in the SDK. My problem is, whenever I call FDwfAnalogInStatus() I get DwfStateReady. I build up my program like the analogin_acquistion.cpp example, it still doesn't work. A test with the Waveforms Software shows, that my AD2 ist perfectly fine. I use Labview for programming and imported the functions from the dwf.dll myself with the build-in wizard. The DIO or SPI for example are working fine. Regards Edit: In Record Mode I can get valid samples and even the trigger work. But I also just get DwfStateReady as Status
  6. There was a mistake on my circuit I used, This post can be deleted
  7. I don't know why, but now it works. Maybe it had something to do how I close the Device Handle. What's the best practice for resetting and closing SPI? At the moment I call FDwfDigitalSpiReset(), and then close the device handle.
  8. Hello, I'm using the Waveforms SDK with Labview and I experience some weird behavior. With FDwfDigitalSpiClockSet() I set DIO0 for the Clock. With FDwfDigitalSpiDataSet() I set DIO1 for MOSI. In the end both pin functionalities are swapped, so the CLK is on DIO1 and MOSI is on DIO0. I first call FDwfDigitalSpiClockSet() and then FDwfDigitalSpiDataSet().
  9. Hello attila, Thank you for your answer!
  10. Hello, I like to use the Waveforms sdk for my application with the Analog Discovery 2. Do the functions from the sdk benefit from the calibration? If not, how can I reach these values and apply them? Regards, Thore