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  1. There was a mistake on my circuit I used, This post can be deleted
  2. I don't know why, but now it works. Maybe it had something to do how I close the Device Handle. What's the best practice for resetting and closing SPI? At the moment I call FDwfDigitalSpiReset(), and then close the device handle.
  3. Hello, I'm using the Waveforms SDK with Labview and I experience some weird behavior. With FDwfDigitalSpiClockSet() I set DIO0 for the Clock. With FDwfDigitalSpiDataSet() I set DIO1 for MOSI. In the end both pin functionalities are swapped, so the CLK is on DIO1 and MOSI is on DIO0. I first call FDwfDigitalSpiClockSet() and then FDwfDigitalSpiDataSet().
  4. Hello attila, Thank you for your answer!
  5. Hello, I like to use the Waveforms sdk for my application with the Analog Discovery 2. Do the functions from the sdk benefit from the calibration? If not, how can I reach these values and apply them? Regards, Thore