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  1. Thank you, Sudharsan, They are critical updates. I guess I'll try to update them.
  2. Thank you, Josh, and Sudharsan, I am trying to open LabView. I didn't create a VI yet. also, NI sent me 2 critical updates, that require Update signup, and I don't know if LabView Home can do that. Sincerely, Cathy
  3. I am trying to run LabView and I don't know how. What icon is the start of LabView? Is there a GUI (Graphical User Interface)? I am famliar with the older GUI of Visual Basic for example...?
  4. I got a pop up window showing 2 critical updates to my newly installed LabView Home edition. It says I must intall the latest NI update Service... to receive updates/patches... etc... But I thought I was required to say no to support during the installation. Please advise what to do. I successfully downloaded and installed LabView Home yesterday, and I have not yet run the program. Sincerely, Cathy
  5. Thank you for caring about me. I am going to try to uninstall the NI LabView Professional, that I didn't feel was the right version from the start, but I didn't know where the Home Edition of LabView was - it is definitely not at the NI site. So now I know I have to get it somewhere on site... however, in Boston, Massachusetts, I am experiencing an extremely slow internet today, in fact, I could only load an hour ago. This has never happened like this before. My wifi button on my modem/router from Comcast is NOT blinking. I tried every computer and laptop in my house!!! Since I have Windows Vista, I don't think I need Service Pack 3, that is required for Windows XP. Have a nice day. I will try again tomorrow. It is 4 PM on the east coast right now. Sincerely, Cathy
  6. Something is terribly wrong. My code for the Home Version was not accepted at the NI downloaded LabView, and I don't know where I should have gotten the home edition, it would have been a lot more sane if I was given a CD for LabView Home Edition. At 99% installed, I found out that I must not have a "Home Version" installed, because it didn't like my code. It accepted my serial number, it never asked for part number. I am extremely sad that I have spent all day on this, including updates for Windows Vista, that Microsoft found and told me to install. I have professional version of MSOffice XP. Which is supported by Lab View, for at least another year. Maybe in a year, when Windows Vista is no longer supported by LabView, I can get Windows 10. So please tell me 1. Do I have to uninstall everything now? 2. Where do I get LabView Home edition? Have a nice day, everybody.
  7. Thank you, Bobby, for answering all my questions. I will install it on my Windows Vista Machine because it works okay. I couldn't have found all that information you did as fast as you did, that's for sure, so thanks again. Sincerely, Cathy
  8. Does the HOME edition of LabView work on Windows Vista? Very IMPORTANT - How many personal computers at home can I install HOME edition of LabView? My husband and I both have a desktop and a laptop.However, the machine I want to put it on is a HP running Windows Vista. If I got a new computer running Windows 10, would that work??? You didn’t send me the USB cable, which I will be buying myself; I am grateful for your fast shipping.This LabView is very exciting for me, as a hobbyist and disabled person who is trying to keep her mind sharp so I won’t lose my mind due to degenerative diseases. I remember the story of a piano teacher in her 90’s who saved her brain. Also, my own mother’s mother developed a NY crossword puzzle dictionary, which is lost forever, but it kept her mind sharp. There is nothing more exciting to me than electronics and computers, and software.