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  1. Problem solved: A colleague mentioned to deinstall other FTDI / CH340 USB Drivers (Arduino). After a system reboot the Digilent Discovery 2 was listed in the daq.Devices() in Matlab.
  2. Hej there, The Discovery 2 is working well with WaveForms. Anyway, I would like to use it with Matlab. Data Acquistion Toolbox for Digilent Analog Discovery Hardware has been installed (and reinstalled), Matlab R2018a is updated, FTDI Driver is latest version. daq.getVendors() -> index ID Operational Comment 1 digilent true Digilent Inc. daq.getDevices() -> No data acquisition devices available. Are there any recommendations, how to get the device running with Matlab? Hope to find help here! Thanks Best regards TSch