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  1. I have been looking at the Zybo and Zed boards and I am trying to understand how the MIO pins get connected to the external pins. Where can I find a document that tells mw how and when the MIO pins are connected to external pins. Are they wired or they get programmed when a project that uses the PS is created. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cherif
  2. Hi Jon, Sorry for the delay. I wanted to make sure what I have before I report. Yes I can read your project with 2018.3. And if I synthesize, implement and generate bit stream without updating the IP it works. I can run the application with no problem. However, when I report and update the IP and go through the whole process again of generating the bitstream, the application does not work. I am not sure what is happening. Do the Diligent video library IP have version also? Thanks, Cherif
  3. Hi Jon, I have tried reading this design using 2018.3 and everything works fine. I am not what the problem was. Thanks for your help. Cherif
  4. Hi Jon, Thanks a lot for your help. I tried it and here is what I found. I am using Linux and 2016.4 Test 1: 1- I loaded the YourProject as you posted it - Then when I go to SDK from Vivado. SDK does not come up. - Then I invoke SDK from the command line - Program the bit file into the FPGA 2- Right click on HDMI-in -> run as -> launch on hardware (GDB) I see the following message error: Unexpected error while launching program: Error while running ps7_init method. No Elf file associated with target. Test 2: - Lo
  5. Hello, I am trying to re-create the design located at Digilent HDMI Demo Design and I am having issues re-creating it. Is there somewhere where I can get a compiled version of it? I just want to run it to see how it works and my project involves something else. Thanks, Cherif