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  1. JColvin, thanks for your answer, but the target device is assigned another project and I could not test with your method. I'll post result of test when I can use target device. thanks, sus-e
  2. Hello, I'm using MTDS, that is working well in portraito mode. But when I change orientation to landscape mode, the TextOut() dosen't draw beyond 30 chars(240 pixel?). My initialization code as follows. Do I need some more setting for landscape mode? regards, mtds.begin(); hdsDisp = mtds.GetDs(); hbmp = mtds.GetDisplayBitmap(); mtds.SetDrawingSurface(hdsDisp, hbmp); mtds.SetFgColor(hdsDisp, clrWhite); mtds.SetBgColor(hdsDisp, clrBlack); mtds.SetTransColor(hdsDisp, clrBlack); mtds.SetPen(hdsDisp, penSolid); mtds.SetDrwRop(hdsDisp, drwCopyPen); mtds.SetBkMode(hdsDisp, bkOpaque); mtds.SetFont(hdsDisp, hfntConsole); mtds.SetIntensity(hdsDisp, 100); mtds.SetDisplayOrientation(dsoLandscape); mtds.TextOut(hdsDisp, 0, 0, 40, "[email protected]#$%^&*()");
  3. Thanks much, @JColvin I understood about maxmum frequence for MTDS board. Thanks,
  4. Hello, I'm new user to MTDS. I want to access the MTDS module from the MCU as fast as possible. So please let me know how many frequency of MTDS SPI. Regards,