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  1. Hi kwilber. I am working on a project that uses a hypervisor and I do not use SDK for the software development (I have to write my own drivers). This hypervisor has mapped the GPIO access to the base address 0xE000A000. As AXI GPIO maps the devices at address 0x4120000, I cannot use such blocks and I cannot use pointers to directly write to the registers. This is why I intend to work directly with MIO, whose base address is 0xE000A000. I think that this page provides some interesting information regarding what I am trying to do.
  2. Hello @kwilber, thank you for your answer. RGB Leds are certainly on bank 35 but they are part of the PL. Does that mean that I have to use EMIO signals in order to control the LEDs from the PS?
  3. Hello everyone, I am trying to control the output of the LEDs of my board with MIO, as shown in this example. The thing is that looking at the schematic of my Cora Z7 board, the LEDs do not appear in the MIO bank. Is it at all posssible that the board does not offer the possibility to configure MIO rgb leds as outputs? Thank you and have a nice day.