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  1. That's amazing to hear! I appreciate all of your help. I will update the board files now. Take care, Justen
  2. @jpeyron, That’s great to hear. I appreciate your help and will look out for your reply. Kind regards, Justen
  3. Thanks for the quick response, @jpeyron! So, I am not using an XDC file, but my wrapper and block designs have been attached. These should be only what Vivado auto-generated. Note - This problem only arises when the on-board LEDs are added to the project in Vivado. Once they are removed, everything generates as expected. DRC also runs without stating any errors Regards, Justen design_1_wrapper.v
  4. I am trying to follow the 'Getting Started with IP Integrator' tutorial provided by Digilent with the Genesys2 FPGA boards, and despite it seeming like a simple tutorial, I can't get it working at all. It looks like the on-board LEDs aren't being routed to the correct pins once I run the implementations. While following the tutorial, adding the IP, and configuring it works well. When installing Vivado on my Windows 10 machine, I downloaded the board files from Digilent following their tutorial as well. I can see the Genesys2 board upon creating the project, so I don't see the issues