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  1. Hi Attila, This is a very silly mistake. I am not sure how I misread those wires. Thanks for your help! -John
  2. Hi Attila, I cannot provide photographs, but I drew schematics for each of the setups that I have tried and screen shots of the results. To help clarify, I will refer to the Discovery's waveform generator as "WaveGen", Discovery's scope as "Scope", the Tektronix function generator as "AFG", and the Tektronix scope as "DPO". I used the following parameters: WaveGen: freq = 10 kHz, amp = 1 V AFG: freq = 5 kHz, amp = 1 V DPO: time base = 100 us/div, range = +/- 4 V, coupling = 1 MOhm, 11.5 pF AFG_DPO.tif AFG_Scope.tif WaveGen_Scope.tif waveGen_DPO.tif
  3. Hi Attila, Thanks for the response. I have connected the grounds between the Discovery 2 and my other devices, but find the same result. -John
  4. Hello, I just purchased a Discovery 2 board and am trying to familiarize myself with it and WaveForms (win 10). When I plug the board's waveform generator (pins 1+ and 1-) into the board's scope (pins W1 and GND) and deliver a sin wave, I can view it in WaveForms. However, when I plug the Discovery waveform generator into my Tektronix oscilloscope, I cannot detect any waveform. Similarly, when I plug my Tektronix waveform generator into the Discovery 2 scope and apply a sinusoid, the Discovery 2 cannot measure any waveform. Does anyone know why the discovery 2 board is able to generate/read its own waveform, but it can neither generate/read a waveform that can be detected by other instruments? I have included an image of my wavegen and scope setup windows within WaveForms (when the Discovery 2 waveform generator and scope are connected). Thanks for any suggestions! -John