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  1. sorry but you didn't link the resource center
  2. Hi Jon, thank you for the responce also where can i find the documentation of the pins to be defined in the XDC file as in the reference manual for example there are no the switches clocks and leds pins. One more question, i want to configure an HDMI output but i can't find anything for the zynq z720
  3. Hi, I have been looking for a complete documentation reguarding the zybo z7-20 board but without any success. I need a documentation where i can see also how to set up the I/O in the XDC constraints file. Will be very helpful if you could drop me the link. Also, when i turn the board off and restart it, it reset itself to factory default and i can't really program it permanently, i tried to program it in the three different modality and also entered the memory info but then i do not know what file to upload in the configuration memory device. Thank you