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  1. Hello, I was trying to make an autonomous car with a Nexys 4 DDR, four gearmotors (the yellow ones) and four HSR04 (ultrasonic sensors). I was powering the Nexys 4 DDR board by USB, using a 5VDC/1A output PowerBank, and used the other output of the PowerBank (5VCD/2.1A) to the gearmotors. It worked for five seconds, and then, the board turned off and hasn't worked since. The program was saved in a SD card. There's no voltage on R287. IC22, IC17, or IC8 weren't hot. C180 doesn't show voltage. C178 shows voltage: 5 V. The IC22 PGOOD pin shows voltage. The IC17 PGOOD pin doesn't shows voltage. I really hope you could help me, please. Thanks in advance, C├ęsar.